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November 9, 2017

Holland on Film, Six Months

Six months. Six months ago, Holland came into our world and our lives have never been the same. I can’t believe that we are halfway into this unexpected journey already. Six months in. Six months that feels like a lifetime, and yet like there is a lifetime to go. Every day is a gift with her in our lives… the way she lets us take care of her, the way she trusts us, the space she gets to explore our world in. You know how Mom’s say it feels like your heart is out there, just walking around outside of your body? Well, goodness know that truer words have never been spoken. My whole heart. I didn’t know I could want so much for a tiny, little human that I have only known for six months. I didn’t know that I could feel like I know a person so well in just six short months.

I love her little life. Her endearing personality. The way she lights up when people walk into the room. The way she grabs ahold of your face when you’re near. The way she rolls from her stomach to her back and gives you the biggest grin when she wakes up from a nap. Her determination and persistence when she’s learning a new skill (crawling!). And all of the in between, hard moments that grow us closer together. I love being your mom, little girl. What an exciting journey we get to be on with you. Thank you for the best six months of our lives!

Here are some photos of the last six months. Enjoy!

PS: If you’re wondering, we get our bows from an Etsy Shop Owner: Noell Jane.

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