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July 25, 2017

Katie & Keith

These photos come at a REALLY exciting time for my business. It’s my first blog post on my brand new website, and I feel like it really represents the direction that we are moving in. Think city. But, you aren’t surprised by that, are you? It’s only been five years since I’ve started to talk about wanting to shooting weddings in the city… so it was really just a matter of time before we created a brand that spoke about the depth of my love (re: obsession) for cities (re: New York City & Washington, D.C.).

Katie & Keith are one of my (many) amazing 2017 clients. They have been so fun to work with… one of those couple’s that I felt connected to from the very beginning. Katie & Keith are the perfect compliment to one another. He is funny and extroverted, and she is sweet, thoughtful and elegant. Together, they’re positive and a great team. (As evidenced by the simple fact that her car got broken into while we were 100 yards away from it, and we proceeded with our session as if nothing had happened).

So, how’d they meet? Let’s just say… if you’ve ever thought that LinkedIn was a waste of time, think again. The Carnegie Institute & The Kennedy Center were the perfect backdrops for this couple. I’m so excited for you to meet Katie & Keith.

  1. Deborah Decker says:

    Kimberly these are so amazing ! You truly have a gift ! They are a wonderful couple and I am beyond excited to see your photos after the wedding. Sincerely, The Mother of The Bride …

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