May 10, 2018

Cherry Blossoms, Washington, D.C. Engagement: Hamza & Kaitlyn

Ohhh you all are in for a treat today! I am taking you BACK to when the Cherry Blossoms were blooming! It seems like just yesterday that I was planning sessions for peak bloom in the Winter, and now all we have is glorious memories of the beauty. I got to shoot two sessions back-to-back on the Saturday of peak bloom. If you’ve ever been to see the Cherry Blossoms, you know that going on a Saturday during peak bloom on an 80 degree day is the perfect formula for nothing but wild CROWDS. It took us a little bit over an hour to drive two miles… 🙂 You also know that means you MUST be in for a really incredible day if THAT many people are going to see something! Aaaand we were right. It was pretty much the best day ever, especially with Hamza & Kaitlyn as company!

Hamza & Kaitlyn are having an Indian and traditional Christian wedding in June. This will take place over three days of celebration! Their’s will be my first Indian wedding celebration that I’ll experience. It would be fun as is, but having them as the bride & groom just makes it all the better. Hamza and I went to MIDDLE school together. He and I were in several classes together throughout the years, and always had the same friends. I was beyond excited when he and his fiancé reached out. These two are a blast together. Apart, they are so fun, and together they totally complete each other. They are a power couple. Think Mr. & Mrs. Smith!! June can’t come soon enough – I am so excited for their wedding!

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