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April 9, 2019

Downtown Annapolis Engagement | Anne & AJ

I’m beyond excited to share with you Anne & AJ’s Spring engagement session. We met in downtown Annapolis at the State House, where they got engaged. It was important to them that we take a few shots of them there and end near the water where they had their first date about six years ago.

We were together on Sunday night, right after the blooms had started to really spring up (no pun intended). This was so fun for me, because it’s normal to completely miss the blooms, or catch them way too early. But we found trees that were in full, peak bloom, and it was stunning. Honestly, it was the perfect backdrop for this romantic, and kind duo.

Anne and I go back to High School when we attended the same church. She is one of the kindest girls I had known. Her demeanor is sweet, but wise and determined. She’s amazing. I was completely honored when she contacted me to photograph her wedding that’s going to be this upcoming September. Getting to meet AJ was fun for me, and these two are so awesome together. His humor and her sweetness are such a fun compliment.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!


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