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April 27, 2020

Sarah & RJ: Inn at Perry Cabin

We left Sarah & RJ’s wedding Saturday night teary-eyed, satisfied, and feeling overwhelmed with the emotions we had just witness over the course of three days. After three days with your clients and their families, you get a pretty fantastic glimpse into their stories and their hearts.

Two people uniting, six kids woven together becoming a new family, three sets of grandparents supporting the grandchildren and the union… it was so wonderful. We met friends, had conversations with family members, and saw that from wounds emerged this brand new story. It’s certainly not my story tell, but hopefully this paints a picture into the emotions we felt.

I say it all the time, but it’s the relationships. It’s knowing that Sarah had a necklace with her daughters’ initials on it, and on the wedding day added four letters to represent her stepchildren. It was the looks that Sarah gave her daughters throughout the day, so proud of all they have weathered standing on the other side of it with joy. It was the hugs to bereaved parents, missing their son and celebrating their daughter-in-laws new chapter. It was the friends from childhood who had walked through grief and trials with these two. Sarah & RJ’s story left a mark on us, and we will not forget them, their families, or their children anytime soon!

The details of the day were flawlessly executed by Kari Rider Events at Inn at Perry Cabin. The florals were done by Sidra Forma, and White Glove Rentals built a beautiful custom bar.

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