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April 13, 2020

Six Ways to Step up your Marketing During Quarantine

Industry friends, we’re in quite an unusual spot aren’t we? If you are like me, you’re stuck at home, rationing bottles of wine and the last sleeve of Double Stuffed Oreos wondering two things: 1) When will I be able to leave my house again to work face-to-face with my clients? 2) Will my business come out stronger on the other side? Our businesses thrive on client interaction and weddings. Those two things have been halted indefinitely. These last few weeks of uncertainty have led to disappointment, frustration, and confusion. How do I continue to run my business well when I can’t photograph my clients? How can I serve my clients and my family well at the same time? That “work life” balance that you had somewhat figured out before is completely out the window because you have spouses and children sharing your office space, or asking for more goldfish and Annie’s graham cracker bunnies, or you’re hiding in the bathroom for some peace and quiet.

I’m here to tell you that you will survive, and that your business can even THRIVE during this time. I’ve taken the time to hone in on my marketing strategies. You know, those things that you usually don’t have time for? Well, now you have the time! Maybe you don’t know where to start, though, so I’ve taken the time to write down five EASY things you can do to improve your marketing right now.

  1. Schedule pins & delete old, dead links on Pinterest
    • In five days, the number of my monthly viewers on Pinterest jumped from ~300 to over 3,500 monthly viewers
    • I archived old boards with dead links, and created new wedding boards
    • New scheduled content had over 24,000 impressions in the first 72 hours!
  2. Sign up for, and paste the link into your Instagram bio. All of your best links, in one spot!
  3. Refresh the copy and the images on your website
    • My brand is getting a refresh! I took several days to curate galleries that speak to my ideal brides
    • I cleaned up my website, making small edits to the cohesiveness
    • Checked for dead links on my websites
    • I’ve re-edited old weddings that I loved to create consistency
  4. Connect with new and old industry friends over Zoom and Marco Polo
    • Initiate a Zoom call with a group of industry friends. Everyone could use a helping hand, and some “co-working” fun. Use this time to problem solve, get to know somebody new, or just check in on your friends!
  5. Blog
    • I’ve blogged more in the last few weeks than I have in years.
    • It took me TWO years to blog my Martha’s Vineyard pictures, but I know these images will speak to my ideal clients.
    • Making a new dish that you love? Share it on your blog. Featured recently? Share it on your blog, too!
  6. Send your clients a thoughtful gift
    • Your clients who are postponing are feeling so. many. things right now. When I have a first consult with my clients, I really emphasize the relationship I desire to build with them throughout their engagement. To show them that I care, I’ve sent small gifts to my clients who have had to postpone (or have been impacted by Covid-19). Take the time to build your relationship and build trust. Maybe you prefer a hand-written note.
    • Send them a curated gift box from Marigold & Grey, a bottle of wine, or a gift card from a local-to-them restaurant.

Being forced to slow down and eliminate the “busy-ness” of your old normal can be such a wonderful thing. Good luck stepping up your marketing!

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